Monday, July 20, 2009

Just Chillin'

Just chillin' high on drugs, no not illegal drugs, but music. It can make you high, can make u feel low, it can make you feel anything. Right now when as im writing this post im listening to Loveyou by Maxwell, that has to be one of my favorite songs off his new album, it has to be because i set my ipod to repeat. **Side note** if you dont already have Maxwell's album you need to get it.As your reading this post your probably thinking its about music, sorry to dissapoint you, but its not, its about how my summer is going to waist, yeah its another one of those summers. Remember at the beginning of the summer you have big goal about what your going to do, you might even create a checklist of things you want to do, but for some reason you never seem to get anything accompished, that's where i am right now. Im not saying ive done completely nothing, I have. Ive been to Nigeria, London, and back to America, but i havent accomplished a personal goal. And I know the summer isn't over just yet, but its too late to do anything because its time to start setting my brain back into school mode, you know waking up early for class, and getting back to your dorm to study, yeah that mode. I just pray that this semester is different.

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