Monday, July 27, 2009

Chivalry is dead and women killed it

I was on Facebook - as I am very often - seeing what was going on with the world and my friends (of course) when something caught my eye, a note, a note that was titled "Chivalry is dead --and women killed it." I read the note and I have to say...I agree 10000% and not because I’m coming from a man’s point of view, but because its 10000% true. Women have become too obsessed with being independent that they don't see what it's doing to them. [[Here is an excerpt from the article]] “In answer to the near domestic slavery of bygone eras, we have become hyper independent, with an I don't need no man attitude, that has started to make our valued partners feel like little more than a walking sex toy”. Here’s the article . I hope its and eye opener.
(Chappelles view)

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